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In Recognition of the General Assembly in 2015 fiv

Source:Hangzhou Hesunny    Hits:     Date:2019.05.10

  In order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, in recognition of advanced to set a good example and lead the staff dedication, motivate employees upwards, forming everyone is striving to be advanced, everyone to contribute for the company a good atmosphere; the company in 2015 May 1 International Labor Day, selected the stellar company labor model.

  Great cause of labor, labor to create a better life. May 5, 2015, the recognition of the star model worker, is an outstanding representative of the stellar company advanced workers, they with the action and performance, forge the dedication, to give top-notch, hard work, innovation, dedication of great spirit of model workers, deserves to be called a model for the star of the hero, the staff of the. Hope that all the stars of the star to learn from them, to honor their!

  They are:

  a branch of employees: Tan Dengshu, Chen Liangqiong, Feng Hailei, Huang Meiqing, Li Chuanjun

  Two branch staff: Zhang Xiuli, Zhang Qiang

  Three branch staff: Chen Shiwen, Long Qifen

  A company model: Tan Dengshu (roasted keeper). List of reasons: to work day after day, year after year of fighting on the side of the machine, do not complain do not let tired, hard-working, have the workers and leaders alike, he everyday early to late go, clean before class; class after the inspection; see we all work he was relieved to leave the shop. He used his heart and sweat, with sincerity and fire as enthusiasm, in the ordinary post to do their extraordinary things.

  A model company: Chen Liangqiong (inspector).List the reasons: she treats a dedicated, hard work as your greatest pleasure. She firmly believed that the after she inspection of each tube are qualified products, in the ordinary post to make an extraordinary performance. He is united with his colleagues, Respect leadership, and obedience to his superiors.. She is constantly improving the self, beyond the self, with their own real action to fulfill the star employees should do their duties, in the ordinary flash of their most dazzling luster.

  A company model: Feng Hailei (on the tube).List the reasons: his dedication, wholeheartedly in the work, how to do a good job in pipe work has been seriously pondering and research. He is the fastest in the entire industry, the quality and good, many times by the higher leadership and reward. With a strong sense of responsibility, good professional ethics and excellent skills, excellent completion of the work of the channel after the star lighting process, the company has been highly recognized.

  A company model: Huang Meiqing (sealing member).The list of reasons: she work in strict demands on themselves, in accordance with the requirements of the leading and better complete their own work, in the work in compliance Shouji, unity colleagues, optimistic, progressive, diligent, bears the burden of responsibility, at any time to model leading role.

  A company model: Li Chuanjun (sealing member). ist the reasons: his dedication, hard work, in the extraordinary position to make an extraordinary performance. He studied hard and improved production efficiency.. He put the improvement of production process for the mission, positive for the company's sealing automation retrofit strategies and put forward a number of suggestions were accepted, the effect is obvious. Through continuous improvement, the benefit of the automatic sealing machine for the automatic sealing machine of the whole screw tube is achieved by leaps and bounds.. He loved the star, and he was loyal to the star not only himself in the star to work, but also led the whole family to join the star family.

  Two model workers: Zhang Xiuli (dispensing member).List the reasons: zunzhangshouji, be subject to execution. Absolutely obey the leadership arrangement, she is Hengcheng a brick, where the need for where to move, in beads catch the goods or the filament drive goods lack of people at any time when the support is colleagues small cotton padded jacket, leadership is a good helper.

  Two model workers: Zhang Qiang (Han Xianyuan). List of reasons: work is active and serious, have strong sense of responsibility and perfect execution, Hengcheng hard to do things, the machine is not stable, material is not good to do take the initiative to provoke the burden, in complete their task but also to help other colleagues transfer machine cast goods, sharing repairman. He unity and cooperation, he determined to forge ahead.

  hree model workers: Chen Shiwen (repair staff). The list of reasons: his diligent and pragmatic, strives constantly for self-improvement; LED application branch of generalist, welding line measuring light, no plastic glue, assemble lamp in each process of operation etc.; his persistent, bear hardships and stand hard work, regardless of personal gains and losses. In order to meet the production line of adequate storage, often work overtime, in order to improve the production line utilization and the passing rate, he absolutely obey the leadership arrangement.

  Three model workers: Long Qifen (welding line). List the reasons: she is the star of the sonorous rose, excelling; she is frank, dedication, and meticulous; slightly fewer than FireWire, seriously injured in hospital "spirit in her vividly reflected, hold out until the last possible moment, never give up!

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